About Us And Life's Abundance

Our family has been an independent field representative of Life's Abundance for over 10 years. We live on an organic farm in the beautiful Flathead Valley Montana near Glacier National Park. There are several reasons why we choose Life's Abundance Grain Free for Cats.

Nutrition has always been important to us. We sincerely care about our family nutrition and the nutrition that we provide to our pets and other farm animals. That's why we are proud to offer you products that we believe will help your dog, as well as your family cats, thrive and live a long, healthy life.

We believe that healthy cats are happy cats that live a longer life with less visits to the vet.

Life's Abundance is not just limited to grain free. There's an entire range of healthy, holistic pet foods to consider. We are sure there is a perfect fit for your pet family.

Clean plate guarantee! Seriously, you have nothing to lose. If your kitty (or dog) doesn't clean their plate, you can get your money back. Return instructions are included in your package. Seriously, you have nothing to lose. If your doggie or kitty doesn't clean their plate, you can get your money back. Return instructions are included in your package.


Sold Fresh

All Life's Abundance cat foods are made in small batches and are delivered to your door as fresh as can be.

You may not know that many brand name cat foods can sit in warehouses for a very, very long time before they hit the shelves.

Not Sold in Stores

All Life's Abundance products are sold via independent Life's Abundance field reps and can not be found in large box stores.

And, this quality food is made totally in the USA!.

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Inspired by Nature

All Life’s Abundance products are inspired by nature and informed by science.

They use as many natural ingredients as possible to ensure quality products and efficacy.

All products are backed up with first-class customer service, too

No By-Products

All formulas are developed by Vets and nutritionists.

Not only are there no meat by-products. Formulas do not contain, added chemical preservatives, glutens, corn, soy or wheat.

There are no artificial colors or flavors either.

More Products

Cat Reading

Did you know? Life's Abundance is more than grain free cat food! They offer an entire line of holistic products for dogs, cats, and humans!

And, that's impressive! 

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How to Order

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All Life's Abundance products sold from this website are shipped from the Life's Abundance warehouse. They are shipped extremely fresh directly to your front door.

Shipping is fast and inexpensive! All products are guaranteed!

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Never Recalled

Cat with Chef Hat

Never Recalled, Always Fresh!

It's a fact! Not one of Life's Abundance pet food recipes has been on a recall list! And, that's impressive.

That fact is important to us and should be to you, too! 

Need Help Fast?

Life's Abundance provides full customer support.  Please visit my contact page for more details.